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Cartoon Exhibition by Shekhar Gurera : 2017 ... 2017
Indian Institute of Cartoonists presents the Cartoon Exhibition of an eminent Indian Cartoonist Shekhar Gurera at Bangaluru from Jan7 to Jan28, 2017. Apart from the current affair based cartoons, artwork from the Future Lens (Now and 30 years later) are also exhibited in Indian Cartoons Gallery, Bangaluru.

If there is someone who can give a funny twist to politics and some serious stories, then it has to be the cartoonist. And the cartoonist in India play a very significant role in India in the life common people. Here is how.

Cartoon Exhibition showcasing pain of common man : ANI News ... 2017
Jan 10 (ANI): Bengaluru witnessed an exhibition showcasing the work of cartoonist Shekhar Gurera on Tuesday. The event organised by the Indian Institute of Cartoonists exhibited creations of Gurera, depicting the happenings of the Indian politics and pain of the common man. A cartoon acts as a voice of the public in the shortest language, the cartoonist said. Gurera, who began his career in 1984, now gets his illustrations published in leading dailies.

Cartoonist while Working... 2000

Cartoonist while making caricatures... 1997

The making of Amitabh Bachchan's caricature... 2000

Cartoonists Interview (The Road Beyond) @ CNBC / TV18 ... 2000

Cartoonists Interview (Zindagi Online) @ TMG ... 2001

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